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KINGS NEVER DIE "Pure Gold" Video

New York Hardcore veterans, KINGS NEVER DIE, serve up a passionate tribute to family, friends and their love for music with their new single "Pure Gold".

Despite the challenges imposed upon the music industry by COVID and upon their personal lives, Kings Never Die remained very active and has a full plate on tap for 2021, starting with a follow-up EP, “It’s What We Live For”, consisting of three new tracks and two remixed/remastered tracks from their “Raise A Glass” EP. Joining forces with the legendary mixing engineer/producer Jerry Farley (Sick Of It All, Madball) and Laz Pina (Ill Nino), Kings Never Die’s “It’s What We Live For” EP is sonic barrage of classic infused punk and hardcore with tasty, memorable melodies, neatly packaged in a powder keg of high intensity of explosives.

Nobody knows the effects of COVID better than guitarist/song-writer Dan Nastasi who lost his father to COVID in September 2020. The first single, “Pure Gold” is a memorable tribute to Nastasi’s father. Nastasi reflects, “We thought it was important to release a few tracks that we recorded during 2020 that, most importantly, we love, and wanted to share with everybody while we are gearing up to record our upcoming full-length. There’s really nothing anyone can do about the lost time this past year brought, or the pandemic, other than keep working and doing what we love to do. It’s the character that my father instilled in me”.

"It's What We Live For" hits the streets on March 26th through Upstate Records and digitally through Blood Blast Distribution.

Release details can be found at upstaterecordsny.com.

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