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ill Nino Debut New Song "Máscara" with New line up

Now that the trademark dispute over the Ill Niño name has been settled, the band, anchored by classic lineup members Dave Chavarri and Lazaro Pina, are back with the punishing new single, "Máscara," which features a guest contribution from AJ Channer of Fire From the Gods.

Longtime fans of the band will rejoice in the familiar elements that made Ill Niño an immediate standout so early in their career as they demonstrate that a lengthy drought between new releases and a drastic lineup change has in no way compromised or altered their distinct blend of tribal groove (aided by hand drumming), elements of hip-hop, white-knuckled angst and open-armed catharsis.

"Máscara" is more than just a continuation of what Ill Niño do best — it's a statement of intent for the coming decade.

"I’m very stoked to introduce 'Máscara' as a great addition to the Ill Niño legacy, and a highlight of my vocal career," commented singer Marcos Leal (also of Shattered Sun). "I’m honored to have collaborated with our very good friend and one of my favorite vocalists in the game, AJ Channer, of Fire From the Gods. As someone who’s grown up as a fan of Ill Niño, and growing up as a musician inspired by the band, I take pride and honor in crafting the vocals for the next generation. Something fans new and old will appreciate, and look forward to throwing some chingasos in the pit with our Niño Familia in 2021!"

Channer added, "Ill Niño are a band that will leave a strong lasting legacy on heavy music. Some of my earliest show experiences were Ill Niño shows. To be able to lend my voice to one of their songs includes me in that legacy. I was more than honored to sing on "Máscara." 'Nuff love to those dudes."

"Máscara" is taken from Ill Niño's forthcoming 2021 album, IllMortals, which will also feature guest spots from Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.), Benji Webbe (Skindred) and more. The song will hit digital service providers/streaming services on Dec. 11. Pre-save the track here.

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