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UK metalcore five-piece, Architects, released a brand new single titled “Animals” on October 20th accompanied with a music video. The band also announced their ninth upcoming full-length album titled For Those That Wish to Exist available February 26, 2021.

​“Animals” is quite different from Architects’ previous releases. Instrumentally, it is headed in a different direction from Holy Hell (2018) and All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016). However, it definitely isn’t a terrible thing. The band smoothly transitioned into an alternate sound, while keeping the ambient aspect. Vocally, Sam Carter continues to have a phenomenal style that matches perfectly with their new sound.

Formed in 2004, Architects started off as a post-hardcore band and later progressed into a more melodic sound. This can be seen in their fourth full-length album titled The Here and Now. Since then, the band has released four more albums: Daybreaker, Lost Forever / Lost Together, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, and Holy Hell. ​

Tracks on For Those That Wish to Exist:

  1. Do You Dream of Armageddon?

  2. Black Lungs

  3. Giving Blood

  4. Discourse Is Dead

  5. Dead Butterflies

  6. An Ordinary Extinction

  7. Impermanence

  8. Flight Without Feathers

  9. Little Wonder

  10. Animals

  11. Libertine

  12. Goliath

  13. Demi God

  14. Meteor

  15. Dying Is Absolutely Safe

Members: Sam Carter - Vocals, Alex Dean - Bass, Dan Searle - Drums, Adam Christianson - Guitar, Josh Middleton - Guitar

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